Happy republic day wishes quotes with images in English| 26 January Republic day sms,wishes shayari| ganatantrata quotes in English

1.Always be proud that you are Indianbecause not everyone gets the privilege of being born in this great nation.Happy Republic Day!

2.Some like Sunday Some like Monday But I like One Day And that is Republic Day
happy republic day

3.Hope peace reigns in your part of the world today and everyday
Happy Republic Day

4.Never Forget The Hero’s Who Sacrificed Their Lives To Bring Up This Glorious Day To India, Happy Republic Day
Republic Day

5.We the youth of India should take, The pledge that till our last breath We will fight terrorism, we will protect our Mother India with all we have,

6.Be the change you wish to see in the world and feel proud to be an Indian.HAPPYREPUBLIC DAY

7.Rejoice in the Glory of the Nation and Do Not Forget To Thank the Soldiers, Who Are Vigilance and Sacrifice Keeps Us Safe. I Wish You a Very
Happy Republic Day

8.Our Nation Is the Greatest in the World, but Let Us Strive to Make It Even Better.
Happy Republic Day!

9.Never forget the supreme sacrifices of soldiers who died for the welfare of the nation. Vande Mataram!

10.Freedom in the mind, Strength in the words, Pride in our souls, Zeal in our hearts,
Let’s salute our great country on Republic Day.

11.Today, let us remember the golden heritage of our country and feel proud to be a part of India.

12.Freedom of mind, Strength in words,Purity in our blood,Pride in our souls, In our hearts, Congratulations to our India Happy Republic Day!

13.Let Every Teacher Teach The Student How To Love This Nation, Let Every Parent Instill In His Or Her Sons And Daughters The Beauty Of Our Nation.

14.Freedom Is Nothing But A Chance
To Be Better.
Happy Republic

15.Be the change you want to see in this world and feel proud to be an Indian

16.Today Is The Day When Everyone Young Or Old, Tall Or Short, Light Skin Or Dark Must Come Together To Show The Whole World That This Nation Is The Best Nation

17.Everyone who is born in this great land has only one identity – we are all Indians.
Happy Republic Day!

18.Be the change you wish to see in the world and feel proud to be an Indian.

19.Let us make a promise that we would not let the hard sacrifices of our brave freedom fighters go in vain. We would word hard to make our country the best in the world.Happy Republic Day

20.Let Us Make a Pledge to Our Motherland That We Will Do Everything That We Can To Rid It of All the Evils Happy Republic Day!


Funny Bhojpuri

गलती से पी लेनी सीक्रेट मनातानी गलत आदत सीखले बनी अब त चूमा दे दा ये हमर करेजा कॉलगेटवा से दातावा घिसले बानी..।

Bhojpuri Khesari lal Yadav

10+ khesari lal status माना तानी तू अपना इलाका में शेर होख बे लेकिन हम शेर के भी कुत्ता बना के मारी ले|

Bhojpuri Pawan singh

दो कौड़ी की धमकी दो कौड़ी के लोग ही देते हैं हम वह हैं जो डायरेक्ट ठोक देते हैं|

Bhojpuri Sad Shayari

नसीब बन के केहू जिंदगिया में समा जाला.. फेर हु ख्वाब बनके अंखिया में समा जाला..।। यकीन दिलावात रहेला की हम तोहार बानी..। तब हु ना जाने समय के साथ कईसे बदल जाला..।।

Bhojpuri Love bhojpuri shayari

हमरा दिल के धड़कन बडू तू ई सजल मएफिल के बाहर बडू तू हमारा अंखिया के इंतिजार बडू तू हमारा जिंदगी के पहिला प्यार बडू तू...|

All शुभ विचार

15+ Best shubh vichar In Hindi "जो पानी से नहाएगा वो सिर्फ लिबास बदल सकता है, "लेकिन जो पसीने से नहाएगा वो इतिहास बदल सकता है।

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